Occupational Therapy Services

I provide a range of trusted, quality Occupational Therapy services to empower and support you to lead a happy, confident life.

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Equipment Prescription

Whether it’s a wheelchair or a simple solution such as a jar opener, equipment recommendations can maximise your independence.

Provision of appropriately prescribed equipment that meets the clients goals can often make the difference between dependence and independence.

By working with the client to determine their goals and needs, various equipment solutions can be trialed and adopted to increase independence and give people greater freedom to access their home, work and community.

Home Modifications & Functional Assessments

Sometimes your home no longer supports your day-to-day living. Whether its minor or extensive renovations to your home, practical solutions can have powerful results. I work within your budget or funding guidelines, to create a home for you to enjoy life safely and independently. 

Occupational Therapy Functional Assessments.

Is someone you care about having challenges with day to day activities? Is it difficult to get around at home, work and the community? Consider an Occupational Therapy Assessment today.

An occupational therapy functional assessment looks at how a person functions in their environment and performs day-to-day tasks, such as:

  • Moving around their home, community or work
  • Showering and grooming
  • Dressing 
  • Preparing meals
  • Domestic household tasks
  • Caring for others at home
  • Recreational and leisure interests
  • Self care, such as attending medical appointments


Do you need to access occupational therapy services remotely?

I offer Telehealth occupational therapy services so you can access friendly and professional consultations safely at home with online videoconferencing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Telehealth Occupational Therapy Services

How are Telehealth OT sessions conducted?

Telehealth OT sessions are conducted via videoconferencing technology like Zoom or Facetime. I can still discuss your needs and challenges at home, if face-to-face appointments are not possible. Using a portable device like a phone, tablet or laptop, you can show me the spaces in your home that need evaluation and advice.

How to prepare for an online consultation

Ensure you have the technology with Zoom or Facetime downloaded (I can help with this).

Find a quiet space.

Make sure your audio is working.

Switch off any background noises like dishwasher or television.

Find a place with a decent, natural light so I can see your face.

How online sessions work

Prior to the session, I will ensure your technology is set up so you are ready to go.

I will send you a link (via email) to access the appointment.

Are Telehealth sessions private?

I use privacy settings like passwords to keep our sessions secure. I collect data only to arrange the appointment and don’t use or share your private contact information. Sessions are not recorded.


Fees are charged at the typical hourly rates. One of the benefits of Telehealth is savings due to lack of travel time incurred for the OT consultations.


Expert witness cases Australia-wide. Thorough, independent assessments. 

Since 2004, I have provided cost of future care opinions in the Victorian, Tasmanian and NSW legal system. I have prepared reports in a wide range of matters including motor accident, medical negligence and WorkCover.

Costs that the plaintiff will incur in the future, as a result of their disability, are explained and calculated. Costs may include domestic services, paid personal care, mobility/adaptive equipment and home modifications.

Do you need Occupational Therapy Services?

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